VAL, 2010

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Produced by Daniel Svenšek
Recorded by Aleksander Govekar
Editing and mastering by Daniel Svenšek, Martin Žvelc
Design by Ursula Lavrenčič, Megla
Published by Vokalna akademija Ljubljana, kulturno društvo ©
Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2010


Mojca Prus, piano

Urša Kržič, violoncello

Kaja Kapus, violoncello

Tomaž Štular, double bass


[2] J. Haydn: Daphnens einziger Fehler
[3] J. Haydn: An die Frauen
[4] F. Schubert: Gott ist mein Hirt
[5] F. B. Mendelssohn: Beati mortui
[11] H. Wolf/M. Reger: Ergebung
[12] H. Volarič: Nos
[13] I. Pizzetti: Per un morto
[14] L. Lebič: Pomlad
[15] L. Lebič: Zima
[16] A. Čopi: Totus tuus
[17] A. Čopi: Sub tuum praesidium
[18] G. Bonato: Crux fidelis

Recorded at the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Preska in 2009, 2010; track No. 19 recorded live at a concert in the St. Jacob church in Ljubljana in June 2010. The recordings were made with a spaced pair of microphones. They are truly genuine, unmixed and no echo or other acoustic transformations were added. Such phase stereo (stereo caused by time (phase) difference between channels), reproduced on speakers, cannot show its true face, but reproduced on headphones enchants like no other. Therefore, we recommend that you use headphones for reproduction. Spatial recordings 18 and 19 were made with a recording head (binaural recording) placed in the church centre and surrounded by performers; a dummy head was used for No. 19, and human heads for No. 18 (Miha and Urša, thanks a lot :)).