Maestro Stojan Kuret

stojcBorn in Trieste (Italy), conductor Stojan Kuret graduated conducting from the Music academy, University of Ljubljana and piano from the Giuseppe Tartini conservatory in Trieste, where he has been professor since 1983.

Already during his studies he established (in 1974) the children choir of the Glasbena matica Trieste, whereupon he took the leadership of the girls' and youth mixed choir, and re-established in 1991 the Jacobus Gallus choir. In 1984 he received the Gallus commendation for extraordinary achievements in music. Maestro Stojan Kuret has a successful record as a guest conductor for several orchestras. For ten years, starting in the 1992/93 season, he had been the artistic director and conductor of the renown APZ Tone Tomšič choir of the University of Ljubljana. It is with this choir and Vokalna akademija Ljubljana that he reached prestigious international artistic achievements (five Grand prizes – Tours 1999, Varna 2001, Gorizia 2001, Maribor 2002, Arezzo 2009, three-times finalist and twice the winner of European Grand prix for choral singing in 2002 in Arezzo and 2010 in Varna). In 2002 he received the Commendation of the city of Ljubljana and in 2002 the Golden commendation of the Public fund for cultural activities of the Republic of Slovenia for artistic direction of the APZ Tone Tomšič choir. In 2003 he was the conductor of the Slovenian project choir. From January 2003 until the end of 2005 he was the chief conductor of the Chamber choir of RTV Slovenia (national radio and television choir). Since January 2007 he had been the conductor of the Italian youth choir Coro Giovanile Italiano for two seasons. In September 2011 in Arezzo he received the prestigeous Guidoneum award for the successful and creative work with Vokalna akademija Ljubljana. In 2012 he received the Prešeren foundation award, the highest national recognition in culture.

As lecturer, Stojan Kuret has been a frequent guest at seminars home and abroad. He has been a regular member of juries at the major international competitions (Tours, Tolosa, Arezzo, Varna, Debrecen, Maribor, Maasmechelen, Marktoberdorf, Budapest, London, Bergen and others). On a project basis he has been also engaged in the artistic leadership of the Slovenian female vocal group ČarniCe, with whom he accomplished two ambitious projects (the complete opus of the composer Marij Kogoj for high equal voices and an author project of the composer Ambrož Čopi with his arrangements of Slovene folk songs).

Stojan Kuret is the co-founder, artistic director, and conductor of Vokalna akademija Ljubljana, founded in September 2008.