Vokalna Akademija Ljubljana


Vokalna akademija Ljubljana was established in September 2008 and is formed by 16-20 experienced choir singers from all the country. In the 57th “Guido d'Arezzo” international polyphonic competition (Arezzo, Italy) the ensemble won first places in each of the four categories as well as the Grand prix. This lead Vokalna akademija Ljubljana, as the first male choir in history, to the competition for the European grand prix for choral singing, which they won on May 15, 2010 in Varna. Upon an invitation of the organizer, in Fall 2010 the ensemble attended the renown festival of vocal music “Polyfollia” in France. In July 2011 Vokalna akademja Ljubljana with soloists and instrumentalists presented a baroque opera, H. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, in August they performed with the renown singers Marcos and Bernarda Fink. In september 2011 in Arezzo the ensemble was awarded the prestigeous Guidoneum award 2011 for the artistic achievements and the contribution to the world of choral music. Due to the earthquake in Japan, the ensemble was forced to cancel the Tokio tour in Fall 2011. As the representative of Europe, in July 2012 they will perform at the IFCM World choral summit 2012 in Peking.
The artistic directorand conductor of Vokalna akademija Ljubljana is maestro Stojan Kuret. Regular guests and collaborators of the ensemble are the pianist Mojca Prus, the soprano Martina Burger (also as a specialist for vocal technique), the cellists Urša Kržič, Kaja Kapus and the mezzosoprano Barbara Sorč.


1. Tenor 2. Tenor Baritone Bass
Iztok Vrečko Mitja Kovač Janez Ažman Andrej Ranfl
Tomi Krpan  Primož Hladnik  Andrej Kukovec  Primož Jovan 
 Tine Čarman Daniel Svenšek  Andrej Makor  Jure Thaler
Matej Strle  Andrej Klemen  Luka Zevnik  Luka Kavčič
Matej Velikonja
Anže Erjavec
Tomaž Sušnik Aleksij Valentinčič 
Martin Petrovčič
Aljaž Novak
Tine Bec
Tomaž Marn
Peter Dolinšek